Saturday, 8 December 2012

Extraordinary Prints from Ordinary Objects - B!

B is for Bath-mat!

Second week of printing the alphabet - and B it is!

Scraped (top of mat) and dry brushed using the back of the mat

1. Take  your lowly dollar store bath mat - or a fancier one. 
One of my students once brought in her wedding gift bat mat - great pattern!
2. Using pigments (I favour Colour Vie), paint your fabric in a pale colour
3. While the fabric is still wet, paint over the first colour with a darker hue.
4. Slip the bath mat under the fabric
5. Using a scraper of some kind (I like dry wall smoothers), 
scrape off the top layer of pigment. 

The suction cups on the mat were put under the fabric and dry brushed
using metallic pigment
A different kind of mat, scraped

Metallic gold added to the  scraping

Student work

This technique and several others are described in  my Instructional Guides 
“Creating Textures” and “Creating Textures: Soft Textures”. 
Mention “Bath-mat” and receive a special price of $12 (+ shipping and tax) for both guides.


  1. Great to see your posts!
    I look forward to your Spring dates. I learn so much when I have taken a class with you and it is such a fun day too!

    I look forward to seeing the alphabet in new ways! lol

    1. Thank you so much! I am just now getting my workshops and dates organized for the spring session.

      Hope you're enjoying the rest of the alphabet too!