Sunday, 24 February 2013

Extraordinary Prints from Ordinary Objects - H

H is for Hair Roller!

On this piece I painted the fabric in layers going from light
to dark using Colour Vie pigments.
While the pigment was wet I used the end of the hair roller
to twist and scrape off some  of the pigment. Then I used
the edge of the hair roller to create lines/slashes on top.

The hair roller is just another fabulous tool!

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I used the "bristley" side of the roller to print/roll on the
background red shapes. Then I used the circular end to print
some red and black circles.
I gave the hair roller a little twist to create a slightly fuzzy
edge on the black circles.
The hair rollers come in a variety of sizes.

Here I printed the "bubbles" in black onto a fabric that I had
previously painted in a gradation of burnt orange. I then used
the edge to add the fuzzy lines for directionality.
Hair rollers stuck together for a more organized print.
I printed the white fabric with opaque white pigment,
then painted over it in green/blue and used the hair rollers
to print again with metallic pewter pigment.
Another scraped fabric print.


  1. Great results Gunnel! I now wish I hadn't thrown my mum's curlers away! :-)

    1. Thanks, Julie! Here in Canada we can get them in the dollar stores (just in case you get the urge:)

  2. I'm so relieved! I thought you were printing with your hair :-> xo, t

    1. Not long enough, I'm afraid. Otherwise it might give really interesting results:)

  3. I didn't know you had a blog! So glad I found it! I have a bunch of hair rollers! I'll be looking at them differently from now on!!

    1. Awesome! Have fun with them! I would love to see a picture if you make some prints with them!

  4. Love it. Makes me want to get rollers!

    1. Dollarama has them in 3 sizes @ $1 per pack. If you do get them and make some prints, I would love to see a picture of them.

  5. doesn't this just keep you thinking- nothing is safe!

  6. Yippers! Not safe from being used to print with anyway.

  7. You inspired me to check out things in my studio for making texture. My miniture hand whip for mixing dyes, when rolled on it's side with thickened dyes on it, made great ladder patterns. Thanks so much.

    1. Fabulous! It's quite amazing - all the things around us that we can use to create interesting and unusual textures!