Saturday, 30 November 2013

Extraordinary Prints from Ordinary Objects - J

J is for J-cloth!

After a bit of a hiatus, I'm back to printing the alphabet - and J it is!
The ever so absorbent J-cloth is good for cleaning up many different 
messes - and creating colourful prints to boot!

Just add fabric and Pigment to the J-cloth and print, print,
print! I am partial to Colour Vie pigments

In this print I ripped the J-cloth into strips, placed them randomly
under the fabric, and used a brayer to roll a small amount of black
pigment over the whole fabric. The effect is a bit like a rubbing.

Strips of J-cloth under the fabric, then I used the brayer to roll on
first black then metallic gold pigments.

First I painted the fabric with Colour Vie pigments.
While the pigment was still wet I used a rolled up piece of J-cloth
to remove areas of wet pigment.

Finished print. Hmmm, could be used for a cloud effect as well....

On this fabric I dipped the strips of J-cloth in pigment and used the strips
to print the random stripy marks.

When the pigment was dry I over painted with turquoise pigment, scaped
and added some gold prints.

There is always the trusty old rag rolling technique. Totally immerse
the J-cloth in pigment and roll away!

J-cloth rolled fabrics.