Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Exhibitions and Workshops galore

Awesome Textile Exhibitions in South Central Ontario!

If you happen to be in and around the Toronto area, there are a few
fibre exhibitions not to be missed. 

Connections Fibre Artists opened at the Wellington County Museum
between Fergus and Elora on Friday. Until June 7, 2014. 
The exhibition is called "Celebrate the Seven" - a tribute to the Group of Seven. 

My quilts inspired by the Group of Seven

The inspiration for the majority of my work comes from my 
experience with nature and its forces. During many summers 
of camping and canoeing around Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, 
Ontario, I have enjoyed the beauty of the Canadian landscape 
in all kinds of weather. In these works of art I have chosen 
to zoom in and look closely at the leaves and pine needles 
that are but a small part of the wonderful designs that nature 
offers up for our sensory enjoyment. 

"Forest Floor No. 1",  Quilt, 26" x 42".
Painted and manipulated using Colour Vie pigments.
I screen printed the pine needle.
I created a series of small works of art (6" x 6")
that I call "Hidden Treasures No's 1 to 5"
The fabric is painted and screen printed and
the leaf in the black rectangle is printed using
and actual leaf.
"Granite Saddle, Georgian Bay",
by Sharron Deacon Begg

"Ghost Canoe" by Jackie Venus

If you're in Peterborough, Ontario, be sure to take in
Dorothy Caldwell's exhibition "Silent Ice/Deep Patience"
at the Art Gallery of Peterborough.

Dorothy Caldwell at the Art Gallery of Peterborough
Screen print discharge, stitching

Dorothy Caldwell at the Art Gallery of Peterborough until June 1.

This spring we have had some fabulous workshops in 
the Colour Vie Studio. AND more coming up!

On April 26 - 27 I will be teaching a super fun introductory workshop:

For information about the workshop and how to register, please
visit and click on Workshops.

Guerilla Screen Printing

AND on May 10 I will be teaching:
“ADD AND SUBTRACT - Discharging Made Easy” 
Learn to use household bleach in combination with pigments 
to create exciting one-of-a-kind fabrics. 

For information about the workshop and how to register, please
visit and click on Workshops.

Discharged fabrics drying.


  1. Celebrate the Seven is a fantastic show. I'm so glad I made it out to opening night. Absolutely loved your work Gunnel. Especially the series of small works. The leaves on black & the paint just sparkled. Truly inspirational.

  2. Thank you, Leah! I really love the show as well.