Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Extraordinary Prints from Ordinary Objects - O

O is for ONION

Onions are great little print blocks. Like a lot of different veggies 
and fruits - see my blog entry "A" for Apple!

1. Cut an onion in half (Let the cut onion dry on a paper towel 
for a couple of minutes before you print with it).
2. Mix your pigments (I use my own Colour Vie pigments).
3. It is helpful to print on a slightly padded surface - a piece of 
polar fleece or even just a few layers of newspaper work well.
4. Make a stamp pad from a piece of foam ( or apply pigment
with a foam brush)
5. Print away and have fun!

I printed the onion with black pigment,
then overpainted with a rainbow of colours


Student work 

Student work. Yes, you can cut the onion the other way too!

Student work Also in the onion family - Garlic. Makes
a great pattern, but be prepared to get a bit peckish.

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