Tuesday, 10 June 2014


It's been a wonderful Spring with great workshops in my studio.

I would like to share a few pictures from the workshops with you.
Irresistible Resist workshop.
Carrole used a fork and tjanting to apply the soy wax to the fabric

Irresistible Resist workshop.
Using sequin waste to stamp the soy wax - plus some nice splatters.
Painted with Colour Vie pigments www.colourvie.com

Photographic Images on Fabric workshop.
Gord printed his amazing photo collages on fabric.

The World of Indigo workshop with Pam Woodward.
Clamping before dipping in the indigo vat.

The World of Indigo workshop.
Pam helps to reveal a clamped indigo fabric.

Guerilla Screen Printing on Fabric.
Irene's magnificent moose print.

Guerilla Screen Printing workshop.
Maria's polar bear printed on Belgian linen.

Add and Subtract - Discharge Made Easy workshop.
Veronica stencilling using bleach discharge thickened with alginate.

Add and Subtract - Discharge Made Easy workshop.
Carrole's gorgeous pole wrap bleach discharge

Add and Subtract - Discharge Made Easy workshop.
Clamped and poled wrapped bleach discharged fabrics
blowing in the wind.

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