Monday, 23 June 2014

Whirlwind 11

My quilt "Whirlwind 11" won 3rd prize for Original Design in a 
Nonrepresentational Wallquilt at the National Juried Show 2014 
at Quilt Canada. I am very excited. 
Just to get accepted into this show is a great honour!

"Whirlwind 11" is a whole cloth quilt 50" x 50".
I painted the cotton fabric with Colour Vie pigments in layers
 using yellow, green and blue. While the pigments were still wet
on the fabric, I manipulated them with various ordinary
implements. In this piece I used a potato masher, a spool
of thread and a pastry mixer. After it was dry and heat set,
I added on the border, which I had also painted, using
 a pastry mixer for patterning.

"Whirlwind 11" close up
:Whirlwind 11" was beautifully machine quilted by Tracey Lawko,
who also won a prize for her own piece in the National Juried Show

 at Quilt Canada 2014.

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