Thursday, 27 November 2014

Extraordinary Prints from Ordinary Objects - P


Have you ever looked around your kitchen at all the implements
and wondered what it would be like to print with them? 
Take potato mashers for instance - chances are that you have 
the common wavy looking one in your drawer. But have you 
ever thought about all the different designs of potato mashers
Over the years I have collected about thirty of them without ever
duplicating the pattern of the potato masher.....

On this fabric I screen-printed, painted, stencilled and scraped the
pigment. I use my own Colour Vie pigment (
The potato masher is an important part of the design.

A few of my favourite potato mashers.

I printed this tea towel on a slightly padded surface, using
my Coiour Vie pigments (

If you don't want to print your own tea towels,
you can purchase one of my fun and funky
already printed tea towels at my shop on etsy:

I painted and over-printed this fabric with two different potato
mashers (and also added a few little black and white marks).

First I painted the fabric and then went wild with the potato masher,
removing and manipulating the pigment while it was still wet.

This is a favourite potato masher in all my classes. I found this
adorable masher in a store in Portugal while visiting friends there,
and have never seen another one like it.

The Portuguese potato masher in action. I also scraped
away some of the wet pigment using a credit card and
a plastic lid.

Student work.

Student work using several different mashers and found objects.

Student work using a potato masher and found objects.

Student work using different mashers and found objects.