Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Extraordinary Prints from Ordinary Objects - Q


After a long hiatus, I am resuming the alphabet printing.

A fire damaged some of my artwork and fabrics, but things are
slowly getting back to something resembling "normal" again.

Occasionally I find it difficult to choose what technique or implement
to use for a certain letter in my alphabet printing quest. No problem 
this time. The letter Q was a no brainer. Q-tips!

I painted the fabric with Colour Vie pigments,
 and then printed with a block made with Q-tips.

To create the stamps, I glued Q-tips onto pieces of 
scrap wood. To protect the Q-tips from getting soggy 
when printing, I coated the blocks with gel medium.

I made a stamp pad from foam rubber, inked up 
the stamp and printed away.

Checker board pattern.

Variation on a theme.

Printed with two different blocks.
To create this print, I placed Q-tips under the fabric 
and dry brushed over the top.

Dry brushed and over painted 
(with Colour Vie pigments, of course).

In this piece I placed Q-tips under the fabric, painted 
the entirefabric with Colour Vie pigments, then 
scraped off the excess pigment with a narrow squeegee to create a shadowy Q-tip look.


  1. Well, pretty stunning prints Gunnel !!... love all the variations and who knew...Q-tips are awesome!

    1. Bethany, thank you. Yes, Q-tips are pretty cool. R is coming soon....

    2. Beautiful Gunnel. You are so very talented!